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Arkwright was recommended to me by a very high-end architecture firm as I have an old house that requires some creative thought when working on projects. I had several projects in the queue when I moved into my house and added several more after we got going. Not only is Dane incredibly responsive and skilled, but so is his entire team. We did both fixed-bid work as well as T&M depending on what we were doing, so I greatly appreciate his ability to quickly meet my needs and provide flexibility in how we structure the financials. From top-to-bottom Arkwright does excellent work." — Customer / Northfield, IL


What is "ARKWRIGHT?"

ARKWRIGHT - Early English name for cabinet-maker. From "ark", the old name of cabinet, and "wright", mechanic or maker. Arkwright furniture refers to Late Gothic types in England in which the construction resembles carpentry rather than cabinet-work.


what we do

Arkwright Construction is a high-end residential remodeling firm, specializing in all aspects of remodeling from bathroom renovations, to to full-scale additions, to home maintenance. We believe in quality workmanship that we exhibit through our experience and dedication to creating what our customers envision. We value our staff and strive to create an enjoyable work environment to foster positive enthusiasm. We treat our sub-contractors and supplies with respect in order to cultivate successful relationships.